Each week, we share a story about Catholic schools and what they mean to communities across the country.

This week, I want to share another story: Yours.

Catholic Americans are the single largest religious group in our country. 21% of Americans, or almost 70 million people, have a connection to the Church. 

What’s more, Catholic schools make up the majority of private schools in America, with schools of all sizes and types across the country serving serving millions of students.

Yet Catholic schools across the country are struggling. School choice policies can save them.

And you can make sure your elected officials support school choice.

The next story told could be how supporters of Catholic schools stepped up and made sure schools could stay open and keep serving their communities.

Elected officials need to hear from the countless supporters of Catholic schools. We want to make that easy for you to do.

That support can look like: 

  • Sending an email to your elected officials when they are considering a school choice bill that would help save Catholic Schools
  • Calling your elected officials to ask them to support school choice and Catholic schools
  • Sharing your story about what parochial education means to you

Catholic schools are facing historically tough odds. You can fight back. Stay tuned for more opportunities to do just that.