When the traditional public education system fails, it’s not just students who struggle. Many teachers struggle or even leave the classroom. But many teachers are finding a new passion for their profession – within Catholic schools. 

The Catholic Voice reports on what’s happening in Omaha:

Meg Searl didn’t exactly plan on becoming the new principal at Our Lady of Lourdes School in Omaha. But she opened her heart to the idea and prayed about it. “I literally turned it over to God one morning, and not too long after that, I was interviewing for this position,” Searl said.

Her long career with Omaha Public Schools was amazing, she said, but she believes God has led her to “exactly where I’m supposed to be.” Searl is somewhat typical of the teachers and administrators who are new this year to Catholic schools in the archdiocese. Of the 124 people who attended an archdiocese new teacher orientation on July 28, about 60% had switched from public schools, said Vickie Kauffold, superintendent of Catholic Schools.

Every day, Catholic schools help students find their love of learning. Catholic schools can help teachers regain their love of teaching, too.

School choice is a critical part of this story.

In states where school choice is limited, administrators and teachers can face the threat of not being able to keep operating. In states with robust school choice, the sky is the limit for schools, teachers, and students.

Consider Nebraska, one of only two states without any type of school choice program. More than 70% of students in the state attending a private school attend a Catholic school, and many of those students come from middle and lower-income households. Although the Church and generous donors work hard to make sure every child who wants to can attend one of their schools, there aren’t enough scholarships to meet the demand. A school choice program would go a long way to address that problem.

We’re fighting for a world in which every school that’s meeting student needs can keep thriving.

Catholic schools provide spiritual nourishment and educational enrichment every single day. I hope you’ll join us to make sure these options continue to grow through the power of school choice. 

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