School choice is critical to the continued survival of Catholic schools.

Just a few weeks ago, the Arizona Legislature passed a bill expanding choice to every student in the state.

In response, the Catholic Bishops of Arizona said the bill “will increase school choice substantially, which is a very good thing.

They said: “Parents are the primary educators of their children and know what schools best fit the needs of their families. By making the ESA program eligible for all students, many more families will now have a more meaningful option.”

But the work continues.

Already, opponents of school choice are organizing to try to roll this law back and rip away opportunity from families who desperately need it.

In Arizona and other states, you can make a difference by making sure leaders know how much school choice means to you.

The status quo is determined, but so are we.

Supporters of Catholic schools all across the country will prevail when we come together.

Stay tuned for more ways to be part of this mission.